Restaurant Review: Butter Restaurant



Restaurant: Butter
Cuisine: French
Location: NoHo
  Personal favorite dish: Vanilla Cream Sandwich 
  Lush or Lacking?: Lacking. As much as I loved my company here, the food was subpar

After searching long and hard for the right place to go for my birthday, I finally settled on Butter located in NoHo at 6th and Lafayette street. What drew me to this restaurant were two things – for one, they offered a restaurant week menu, and secondly, directly downstairs is a lounge/bar where the dj plays the hits, both new and old. It wasn’t until later that I found out that the restaurant is also featured in the show Gossip Girl and the executive chef, Alex Guarnaschelli, was the winner of Iron Chef in 2007. All of these reputable factors put my expectations of this place through the roof.

We were placed in the upstairs dining area, which is a very open space with curved ceilings. What appealed to me most about this setting was the forest tree painted posterior wall. The relatively radiant colors really brought a moderate vitality to the room. Once we were all seated, in proper celebratory style, we ordered a few bottles of white wine for the table before proceeding to dine. The waiter paired the wine with our first accompaniment – bread and butter. I can’t imagine a more fitting name for this restaurant because of all the seasonings and flavor that we indulged ourselves in, the most savory to us was, you guessed it, the butter on the bread.

After my friends and I demolished the bread in 2.5 seconds, we engaged in laughs and light conversation before the first round appeared in front of us. I was served the Braised Octopus with caramelized baby onions, fingerling potatoes and Aleppo pepper. I’m not the biggest fan of octopus because the rubbery texture can put me off, but this was the only fish appetizer presented on the restaurant week menu. Next up was the entrée. I ordered the Seared Sea Bass with braised French lentils, crispy oyster mushrooms, and watermelon radish. I’m a huge fan of sea bass, especially when it tastes like silk lathering the tongue. Unfortunately, this version was cooked longer so the fish was tougher than I’d prefer. Additionally, it lacked the moist and the flavors were not robust enough for me to rave about it. That said, did the restaurant’s food live up to my expectations? I’ll allow you to deduct your own conclusion…

As a last course, word around the table was that the Raspberry Beignets with vanilla dipping sauce was the dessert to top the meal with. I ordered that for myself and pecked at my boyfriend’s Ginger Snap and Vanilla Cream Sandwich with spiced pecans. To my surprise, the latter tasted more mouthwatering to me than the former. I think I’ve had more succulent donuts at Krispy Kreme so I wasn’t too amused by them. The ginger ice cream sandwich on the other hand, was a charmer. The ice cream was hugged by a soft ginger cake that had a spicy taste, which added spunk. Ending the meal on that note, we handled the bill, and the debauchery commenced.


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