Restaurant Review: Megu

Restaurant: Megu
Cuisine: Japanese
Location(s): TriBeca & Midtown East
Lush or Lacking?: Lush
Best time to go: Dinner
Personal favorite dish(es): “Gindara” Cod and Crispy “Kanzuri” Shrimp

Megu, New York startled me upon entrance as I had to conquer a grandeur maze, get past a blazing entrée a waiter was presenting, and dodge a large Buddha statue all before reaching the dining area. OK maybe I’m exaggerating a tad but really, this place is lengthy, they serve dishes on fire and there is a Buddha placed in the center. Sounds like an adventure? That depends on who you’re going there with. Either way, it’s easy to become enthralled by the exquisite modern Japanese interior design that makes you feel like you’re walking directly into a Luxe magazine design feature. Overall, I find that Megu’s décor mimics that of Morimoto except it is slightly less mod-like and has much more breadth.

Megu, Midtown is a smaller restaurant tucked inside the Trump Tower on 1st Avenue and 48th St. This restaurant has a much more serene atmosphere with candle lit tables and a more confined seating area. High ceilinged walls are decorated with dignified light fixtures and paintings of fierce tigers coat the walls – this is probably my favorite feature.

I find that Megu is such a treat at either location because not only is the food and ambiance gratifying, but the place is underrated. I say this because there is always an available time to dine there, no matter what day of the week it is. I personally enjoy not having to book a table weeks in advance, not scheduling dinner at a ridiculous hour, and maybe at rare times even having the entire immense space to myself and whomever I’m dining with (though this happens basically everywhere when we stay late yapping and the restaurant is closing).

Both locations offer the same extensive menu with a plethora of options. I personally am averse to so many choices so I struggled a bit, but with the help of the waiter, I think I landed on some of the best dishes. For my first round, I was served the Crispy Shrimp with “kanzuri” cream sauce. You know when you think about something and suddenly your body quivers from the thrill of the past experience? Yea, that just happened. This shrimp is scrumptious and I am dying to learn how to make it because I’m sure that the man I make it for will want to marry me immediately thereafter (and yes, I have someone in mind, obviously).

Other appetizers I’ve tried were the Tuna and Avocado Megu Style with wasabi sauce and soy marinated tuna layered in between avocado and the Megu Oriental Salad with madai sashimi, julienned vegetables, nuts, and sesame oil. All I have to say is avoid them, avoid them, avoid them. Thank me later. Truth is, they just didn’t have the robust flavor that I was looking for.

As an entrée, I’ve had the Spicy Scallop roll, the Avocado & Cucumber roll and the “Gindara” Cod with Yuzu Miso. The thought of the latter made me quiver again, literally. The technique used to make the fish so soft and sweet was masterful and I appreciated every succulent bite that I engulfed. The sushi is probably not my favorite in the NYC area, so I’d recommend saving your sushi appetite for a place like Sushi Yasuda or 15 East.

Moral of the Story: The same food is presented at each restaurant but if you’re interested in going out to dinner with family or a group of friends, go to Megu, New York in TriBeca. Interested in going on an intimate date with your significant other? Check out Megu, Midtown.


I’d recommend wearing something sophisticated to Megu. In the picture above, you’ll see that I opted to wear loose fitting dress pants and a simple black top. Accessorizing this outfit it key so I chose a vibrant necklace and bracelet to adorn the outfit and bring it to life.

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