Restaurant Review: ACME

Restaurant: ACME
Cuisine: New American
Location: NOHO
Lush or Lacking?: Lush
Personal favorite dish(es): Warm Kale Salad, Farmers Eggs, and Beer & Bread Porridge

Is it just me or is this restaurant one of the sexiest on the Great Jones St. block? Don’t be fooled by the rather modest exterior because upon walking in, the candle lighting, modern art, and bustling atmosphere make this place rather hip. Word on the street is that this place is also clutch for spotting a celebrity or some eye-candy, ladies and lads ;). Just be sure to reserve via the Barney’s (or whatever big name’s) concierge, arrive looking dapper and have your taste buds ready for some innovative dishes.

Every time I go to ACME I find myself equally alarmed at the ingenuity of the courses, which speaks to the brilliance of the executive chef, Norman Grimm. I try to peruse the menu to get a full grasp of the offerings but quite frankly, I’m always a bit confused – I mean, they have a “Soil” section, what?!? Nonetheless, I try to snag the best and most drool inducing options.

As a first course, I’ve gotten the Warm Kale Salad with seaweed, and pistachio. Honestly, when this appeared on the table my eyes popped out like Roger Rabbit in a mind warp. Given the presentation was so immaculate, I was pleasantly satisfied that the taste lived up to expectations. I mindfully nibbled on the kale and enjoyed every moment. Other dishes that I’ve gotten as an appetizer include the Radishes with oyster-parsley emulsion, New England Scallops with buttermilk, shad roe, and radishes, and the Farmer’s Eggs with wild mushrooms, and aged parmesan, the radishes being the most unassuming of the bunch. The scallops were prepared raw, which gave the texture a very slippery feel, something I am not used to. Then the eggs were of a small portion but tasted succulent, probably the most avant-garde of all dishes.

Now onto the entree. I enjoyed the Roasted Bass with wild onions and thyme. I’ll be honest, I did not enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed bass at other restaurants, but it did the job of filling me up after a few small yet smart appetizers. I’ve also heard that the Chicken & Eggs with roasted potatoes, and fried eggs is a favorite, so I’d recommend this instead.

For dessert, I’ve had the Dark And White Chocolate with cacao, olive oil, and sea salt as well as the appraised Beer & Bread Porridge with salted caramel ice cream. Honestly, the fact that the chef even premeditated the latter with some epiphany that bread, beer and ice cream are a match made in heaven is still astounding to me. As much as I enjoyed both desserts, the beer and bread take the win. Given all the courses are quite small, I’d recommend bringing friends/family with similar tastes and sharing a bunch of options on the menu. Sharing is caring, everyone ;). Enjoy.



  1. caroline says:

    Wow that restaurant looks pretty fabulous! Loving that pic of you too.

  2. City Style says:

    Such a cool blog! Love the layout and the content

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