Restaurant Review: Fig & Olive


Restaurant: Fig & Olive
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Location(s): Meatpacking District – where I went, Fifth Avenue, Uptown, Westchester, Melrose Place
Lush or Lacking: Lush
Personal favorite dish: Mediterranean Branzino

After a long day on the job, sometimes a few cocktails and my bed just dont do my work efforts justice, so I seek the pleasures of the nightlife instead. Tonight, I landed in the meatpacking district with my father, pictured above.

We reserved a table at Fig & Olive, an Italian restaurant with warm, dim lighting and high ceilinged walls creating a subdued ambiance pierced by a soft vitality. I cozied up in my chair and enjoyed a discussion with my father about Donald Trumps’s political gimmicks, Bill Maher’s brilliant arrogance, and the like before the first round appeared on the table. As pictured, we ordered an appetizer of a mushroom artichoke crostini with scallions and parmesan, a goat cheese crostini with caramelized onion and chive, and a shrimp crostini with avocado, cilantro, and tomato. All three were five-finger-kiss worthy, but the goat cheese crostini aroused my taste buds like a blanket of lavender.

Next up was the main course. As my father and I are both pesco-vegetarians (at least he tries to be), we both ordered directly from the fish menu and albiet, selected the same dish, the Mediterranean branzino. It was heaven. The branzino was glazed with fig and 18 year old balsamic vinegar snow pea, fig, and olive and sided with mashed potatoes. Yes, drool worthy.

Although the dishes are a perfect size that will leave you satisfied, the last thing that I could do was say no to dessert. It was recommended that I try the warm, chocolate souffle with candied orange and vanilla ice cream; it was unreal. I felt explosions going off on my tongue and heaven diving into my stomach, an optimal end to a hectic work day.


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