Restaurant Review: Junoon


Restaurant: Junoon
Cuisine: Indian
Location(s): Flatiron
Lush or Lacking?: Lush to the core
Personal favorite dish: Seared Shrimp with coconut milk

If you are looking for somewhere to go to show off the NYC fine dining experience to someone not as familiar with city territory, Junoon, located in the heart of Flatrion, is the place to go. Not only does the ambiance scream swank, but the food plunges directly into the soul, where it settles and marinates those taste buds until you cant help but think “chef, marry me”.

Junoon serves those with an appetite for bold flavors and spice for both the eyes and mouth. For one, the lounge area is designed with gold rimmed tables, dimmed lights with candles, and a subtle but evident India-like feel. Given the environment, I can’t help but to think that my waitress is a genie, granting me my every wish. No wonder this place has received Michelin nods for 2013.

First round – appetizer. My friend ordered lamb marinated with hung yogurt, ginger, junoon garam masala, black pepper, deggi mirch and mustard oil, and I ordered the seared scallops with fennel puree and tandoori-roasted pineapple sauce. Though the serving of scallops is very small, I am weak for them and practically order them every time they are on a menu. These were distinct in the fact that the scallops were topped with a crisp, which enhanced the texture.

For the main course, my friend and I shared a vegetable and fish entrée. She decided on the seared shrimp with coconut milk, curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chilies and smoked kodampuli and I chose the cauliflower florets sautéed with spinach, roasted cumin, chopped tomato and fenugreek leaves, both pictured above. We paired this dish with white wine. Though we chose to have a side of white rice, I prefer their garlic naan bread as an accompaniment.

For dessert, as a chocolate feign myself, it was only right to chose the chocolate crème brulee. The brulee is topped with  pomegranate foam, cocoa coconut reduction, cocoa espresso crumbs, pomegranate sorbet, and pumpkin seed brittle adding multiple different dynamics and textures to the dish. I’ve ordered this dessert each time I’ve visited this restaurant so I’m clearly a fan. My friend ordered the coconut rice pudding with bruleed bananas, dates, rum glaze, candied almonds, and ginger ice cream. I’m pretty sure we  left no leftovers for the birds so I’d call this fine dining night a success. On to the next one…



Coat: Zara


  1. sxpn says:

    Really liked your blog… check out ours xx

  2. marwaakhalil says:

    i’ve got the same coat and aobsolutely love it! 🙂

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