Restaurant Review: Mr Chow


Restaurant: Mr Chow
Cuisine: Chinese
Location(s): Tribeca and Midtown – I went to the Tribeca spot. Also in London, Beverly Hills, Miami and Malibu
Lush or Lacking?: Lush 
Personal favorite dish: Nine Seasons Prawns

Of all places in Manhattan, I find that I am the most enchanted by Mr Chow, an upscale Chinese restaurant with impeccable taste in interior design and cuisine. I came to this restaurant not once but twice during restaurant week because yes, I became THAT obsessed with the place. I am often captivated by the elegance of the décor, and it helps that the servers embody exceptional grace as well. The owner did a superb job of making sure that diners feel as though they are brought back to an era when chivalry, courtesy, and respect are in style like skinny jeans, bandeaus, and spiked leather jackets (if you’re into that). Point being, the waiters cater to their guests by making them feel like they’re the aristocrat of the Titanic, if you catch my drift.

Upon entering, my first destination is the bar, which is of course completely decked out in bottle after bottle of the finest wines and liquor. I went for my usual – pinot grigio, and headed to the table with my father. My one criticism may be that we were seated in a tight spot and could often times overhear the conversation of the rumbustious couple next to us (or they could listen into on ours), otherwise the ambiance was top notch.

The waiter approached our table with a warm smile and not only entertained us to some more wine, but also ended up leading us through our order. Cognizant of my dietary restrictions (I’m a pesco-vegetarian), he suggested that we order a vegetarian version of the Squab with Lettuce, and the Mr. Chow Noodles as appetizers, and the Drunken Fish and Nine Season Prawns as entrees. The meal is served with a side of sautéed rice and seasonal vegetables so you will not leave the place hungry. I found the vegetarian Squab with Lettuce and the Nine Seasons Prawns to be the most succulent of the dishes. The sauce that accompanies the vegetarian lettuce dish is a drop of pure heaven. And the crème of the crop is that the mouthwatering prawns are cooked perfectly resulting in a savory, spicy taste with a firm, crunchy, crispy texture.

My father and I actually enjoyed this experience so much that we promised to come back the next week and get the same courses – and we did :).


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  1. […] could replace the jamon with lox. Surprisingly, restaurants in New York can be very accommodating (Mr Chow was by far the most accommodating restaurant I’ve ever been to), but unfortunately, the chef’s […]

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