Restaurant Review: Maze by Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant: Maze by Gordon Ramsay
Cuisine: French, British, New American
Location(s): Midtown West
Lush or Lacking?: Totally Lush
Personal favorite dish(es): Tasting Menu, especially the Sea Scallops

Gordon Ramsay, the rumbustious, overbearing, offensive, forthright, commanding host of Hell’s Kitchen, mesmerizes me with his frequent profanity, sarcasm and affronts. His disposition both amuses and discomforts me in the fleeting moments that I can bear to watch the ridiculousness of his show. As much as his temperament astounds me, lets face it, a man with that much passion for food must have a thirst to produce succulent, novel, creative dishes to perfection, which is what led me to his restaurant in New York City. After indulging myself in a 5 course meal at Maze, I can surely attest to Mr. Ramsay’s expertise.

Maze is a sophisticated restaurant tucked inside of the London Hotel in Midtown West. The restaurant’s style is simple and modern yet stylish and refined. My mom, brother and I dined in the less formal part of the restaurant, which is Maze, though there is a more formal section called Gordon Ramsay located in the back. Fortunately enough, the combination of sophistication, good company, and delectable food was topped with top notch service and a special guest, retired NBA player Charles Barkley, calling for this dinner night to be among the best.

Before beginning my meal, the restaurant manager was kind enough to give me a tour of the restaurant’s multi-million dollar kitchen, as pictured below. All dining guests would be glad to know that it is immaculate, well organized and polished. For those who are really looking to impress a date, there is also a chef’s table located in the kitchen where guests can get exclusive access to the chef’s parlor with first class service and an eight course meal.

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Once my tour was over, the feasting commenced. First up was a Cream Of Cauliflower soup with curried pumpernickel and parmesan crisp, which was a warm, savory and welcoming start to the meal. Next, as an appetizer, we enjoyed the Sea Scallops with pickled ramps, green garlic and zucchini and the Oven Baked Beetroots with sweet breads, celeriac, and lemon confit. As much as I loved the scallops, beets have never tasted better in my life and I commended the executive chef on this. Our main courses included Fluke with baby lettuce, garlic spaetzle, and grapefruit, Dry Aged Strip Loin with pommes anna, portobello, and spinach, Crispy Salmon with wild rice, haricot vert, and citrus, and a side of brussels’ sprouts. We devoured all three main plates and honestly, I can’t even tell you which one tasted the best (although I didn’t taste the Strip Loin as I’m a pesco-vegetarian, my brother seemed notably satisfied). To any future diner, I’d highly recommend the tasting menu as every dish is a hit.

Toward the end of the meal we were served a dessert of Dark Chocolate Fondant with green cardamom caramel, and salted almond ice cream and a complimentary Warm Apple Brioche with brown sugar crumble, and vanilla ice cream. I would not be surprised if the chocolate fondant was laced with benzoylmethylecgonine because it was quite frankly crack.

Once we filled up on dessert, we chatted it up with Charles Barkley and headed home. That said, as much as Gordon Ramsay is completely bonkers, he sure knows how to create an amazing dining experience. Kudos, Ramsay, Kudos.


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