Restaurant Review: Casa La Femme

Restaurant: Casa La Femme
Cuisine: Traditional Egyptian
Location(s): West Village
Lush or Lacking?: Lush
Personal favorite dish: Grilled Bay Scallops

Is it just me or is Casa La Femme a majestic, Egyptian haven. When I go to this restaurant, I find that I am enchanted by the charming ambiance, alluring tunes, and winsome waiting staff. It is a top of the line restaurant in NYC that still makes me giddy in reminiscence. I was absolutely enthralled by the elegance, vibrancy, cocktails and cuisine at this restaurant.

The first time I went, upon arrival, after maneuvering past an oval bar, I entered my oasis – the main dining area. Table seating is in the middle; however, I had preferred to crawl into the private peripheral seating areas and declare one enclave as my territory, guarded by the protective drapes. Prior to that evening, aware of this seating option, I had contemplated doing one of two things – blanketing myself in the love of a significant other for a night of indulgence OR acting as a queen on my throne, served to my desire. That night I went with my brother and father, so it’s safe to say I engaged in the latter activity with ease. Not because I’m self-righteous and haughty but because the service had me feeling like royalty.

On that particular evening I had a few dishes from the a la carte menu. We all started off with a cocktail and then we were served mazzas with pita bread to our liking. I order the grilled octopus as an appetizer, the Grilled Bay Scallops as an entree and had a taste of my father’s branzino. We topped the meal off with the baklava for dessert.  I’ll admit, the food didn’t have to be mind blowing because the fully immersive experience of entertainment, cocktails, quality service and fine cuisine filled me with joy. 

Although Casa La Femme is pricey, it’s worth every penny! Try to go when the belly dancers are performing, which I assume is either every evening or only weekend evenings. Also, the draped area seating must be reserved beforehand on a busy weekend so I’d recommend calling much earlier than your planned dinner date.

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