Restaurant Review: Gramercy Tavern

Restaurant: Gramercy Tavern
Cuisine: New American
Location: Flatiron
Lush or Lacking: Lush

This restaurant surprised me because I expected to go to a rustic, farm-to-plate restaurant, designed like a tavern, but instead I entered a dining room with a subdued elegance accentuated by earthy tones and orchards. The atmosphere was remarkable – posh, refreshing, and lively due to the crowd.

Given this restaurant has been around since 1994 and is still well-respected, and it is owned by the renowned Danny Meyer (owner of Union Square Café), I went in with the expectation that they must be doing something right. And unsurprisingly, I was satisfied by the perfectly orchestrated experience from the moment I walked through the door. From the impeccable service to the posh crowd to the innovative dishes densely packed in flavors and prepared flawlessly, I give this place a major nod.

Although I went here on a weekday, I’d recommend going for dinner, but I’m sure that the experience would be superb either way. Places like these take pride in ensuring that the guests walk away with exceptional service and quality dishes no matter what day of the week or time of day it is.

This one will probably go on my list of most sophisticated restaurants that I’ve been to in the city, and I would highly recommend this place if you’re interested in impressing a special guest. But keep in mind, it is very pricey!


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