Fashion: Hats and high heads

IMG_8953IMG_8905 (1)IMG_8920

Feelings of highs and lows are natural sentiments felt throughout the course of the human experience. When I’m happiest it’s usually because I’m surrounded by those who bring me joy or I just happen to be feeling like a rock star. Then I can hit lows for a plethora of reasons including being reminded of a time when I’ve been mistreated or when my life gets shifted off track or if I recall someone not recognizing my worth. However, in those moments it’s important to immediately snap back. Literally, I give myself five or maybe ten minutes (or maybe five seconds) to acknowledge my feelings and then I stop feeling sad or angry and I start being awesome instead. I quit frowning and spreading negative energy because that energy will come right back to me. I am literally on the receiving end of all the vibes that I give out into the universe. As soon as I recognize my day is spiraling because I’m gloomy, I lift my head, thank God for all his blessings, turn my frown upside down, proactively release positivity and secretly whisper to myself “I’m the shit”. Works like a charm ;).

It’s nearly impossible to not feel awesome when wearing the hat pictured. I lift my head, smile hard and glide through these wild Manhattan streets as though nothing phases me.

The hat and necklace are from Aldo and tube top is from Zara (surprised?).

Photo Credit: Jose Fernandez

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