Fashion: Grecian Goddess


It’s Emmy night! So naturally today’s post will be about gowns that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The dress pictured above is the Stella elongated maxi dress from Necessary Clothing and I paid not a penny over $35 for it. I love this gown so much not just because of how affordable it is, but also because of its versatility. For one, I can wear this dress as a gown and attend a red carpet event or gala. I also have the option to make the gown a bit more casual by scrunching the bottom up and making it more of a short, v-neck, evening dress. With this style, I can attend a dinner in the city or go to a lounge or club and feel sexy mainly due to the chest exposure. Lastly, this is a great vacation outfit that can be dressed down with flats and a bathing suit underneath. In that garb, I could easily walk along the beach and feel like a Grecian goddess.

Photo credit: Jose Fernandez

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