25 Days of Christmas

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One of my personal favorite traditions during the holiday season is my 25 days of random acts of kindness. Starting on December 1st, each day leading up to Christmas day I do something kind or generous for the less fortunate or for those I care about or for those who have made a difference in my life. This tradition fills me with so much joy and I hope that I can inspire those who are reading my list to do the same! So, here goes my list!

  1. Donated to America Scores on Giving Tuesday. My donation pays for a soccer and writing kit for a child in an underserved community.
  2. Gave away a winter coat through New York Cares.
  3. Left quarters in parking meters.
  4. Delivered flowers to women in my life who are important to me, namely my mom, Aunt Sonia, Aunt Jackie and both grandmas.
  5. Donated a children’s book to my church.
  6. Made a taco bar for the high school kids of the Minds Matter program.
  7. Bought coffee for the person behind me at Dunkin Donuts.
  8. Gave a Christmas gift to all three of the doormen of my building, with the help of my roommate, Anna Lucia.
  9. Provided free tutoring services.
  10. Took a group of kids from the Fresh Air Fund Program to Dave & Buster’s for completing their first period of sophomore year of High School.
  11. Reached out to those who have made a difference in my life.
  12. Left a generous tip.
  13. Gave up my seat to an elderly lady on the subway (even though I always try to do this, I was especially vigilant this day).
  14. Gave a glowing recommendation of my colleague.
  15. Hid dollar bills in toys for kids.
  16. Complimented three random people.
  17. Bought a three-course subway meal for a homeless person.
  18. Started sponsoring a child from Ethiopia by signing up to donate $35/month so that she can afford books, school supplies, food, and other living expenses.
  19. Sent my brother a spontaneous gift of novels.
  20. Thanked the janitor in my office building for everything he does.
  21. Wrote out and sent a load of Christmas cards.
  22. Cooked a three course meal for my roommates.
  23. Became a volunteer at my church.
  24. Donated to Operation Backpack which distributes new backpacks full of school supplies to children living in homeless and domestic violence shelters throughout NYC.
  25. Gave gifts to my loved ones on Christmas day.

I hope this inspires you to be kind not just through the holiday season but all year long! Happy holidays and God bless.

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