Flight: Puerto Rico

Move over Miami! Puerto Rico’s my new weekend getaway destination. Ha JK, I love Miami and I’m not breaking up with her just yet. However, I’ve got a soft spot for PR now that I’ve been there. It’s such a simple, quick, and lovely getaway location that it’s hard to not start catching feelings for this island. And the cherry on top – you don’t even need a passport to go! (disclaimer – you must be a US citizen for previous statement to be applicable.)


Admittedly, because we didn’t venture into the mainland, we were pretty sheltered from the economic crisis that is consuming the nation (think 45% poverty rate, $70 billion in debt with no relief and a decade-long, unrelenting recession).These terrifying statistics were completely glossed over by the stunning oceanic views, friendly crowd, entertainment, cuisine and historic sites, which makes the fact that tourism is a large portion of the island’s economy not surprising. That being said, I highly recommend visiting this place! Help stimulate the economy!


Here are a few things I’d recommend doing out there:

  1. Take a stroll around Old San Juan. The buildings are radiant and architecture is classically beautiful. There are also lovely jewelry stores such as Eclectika on Calle O’Donnell, and restaurants such as Toro Salao for tapas and El Jibarito for Latin cuisine.



2. Check out local festivals or concerts. When I was there, Coors Light had a We The Future Festival and it was epic. The 2-day lineup included A-Trak, Diplo, Alesso, Claptone, Audio, Modestep, Skrillex, among many other artists. (Don’t have any pics from the festival so gonna post this fly pic of my friend Victoria instead.)


3. For a fun night out, check out Club Brava – dance and meet the locals!


4. Get on a boat and cruise around the Caribbean Sea. While you’re at it, go to one of the bio-luminescent bays (there are about 3 and some glow better than others so do your research!).


5. Visit the Castillo San Cristobal, a partly demolished fort that was built by Spain in 1783. Views are exquisite at the top.


6. Go to the beach or poolside and just lounge with a book and a margarita or two. Then watch the sunset. (Basically an absolute must on any vacation but had to mention it!)


7. Take advantage of the vibrantly colored city of Old San Juan and do a color-blocking photoshoot because you’re fabulous.


8. And lastly, breathe, meditate, unplug, and take it all in. Soon enough it’ll be back to reality!



For more pics from my trip, check out my instagram feed!





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