Flight: Toronto

Toronto was an absolute joy. I’d actually recommend moving there for the months of May-Sept. Just do it! Here’s my list of recommended activities for those who go for a visit.

1. Go to Niagara Falls, obvs.

2. Visit the cute little town of Niagara on the Lake. It is so pretty. Enjoy a quick bite to eat, smell the flowers, play in the park, have some ice cream and be happy.

3. Check out the latest exhibits at the Royal Ontario Museum. I was luck enough to go when they were displaying the Chihuly exhibit which was bloody incredible.

4. Go wine tasting and try ICE wine. (It’s so gross but if you like sweet wine like moscato, this is for you! I, personally, thought I was drinking straught syrup.)

5. Check out the Kensington Market for a bite, vintage shops, and a diverse crowd.

6. Restaurants I’d recommend are Gusto 101 for a good atmosphere and delicious food, Pear Diver for the best seafood and very affordable oysters after 10pm, and Frans for a French onion soup. Also, Lulas is the perfect combination of food and entertainment. They serve Mexican food through the night while a live band plays music to which people can salsa. We had a blast!

7. Check out the St. Lawrence Market. There are artisanal cheese, pastries, wine, street vendors, live music and entertainment.

8. Go to the beach and check out the Toronto Islands. When we went there was a beach party that played deep house music until 10pm, then people lit bonfires and fireworks went off. It was so sweet.

9. Go shopping. The Candadian dollar is weaker than the USD. Take advantage!

10. Go to Carabana! I’ve never been but heard it’s a fantastic time  



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